Financial Equality

There's VERY little reason for multibillionaires to exist. Everyone must pitch in to make America actually great.

Clearly billionaires have figured SOMETHING out to make seemingly endless money. Unfortunately, that something is often exploitative, either of workers, the environment, the tax code, etc.

We need to help the average person afford life's necessities

Housing, health care, even food are all getting SO expensive. People are falling further behind. We need to give average citizens the opportunity to build wealth that has only gone to the Top 1% for FAR too long.

People must be able to better themselves without risking the safety nets that keep them above water

Whole segments of our population are in a precarious place, where they want to improve their lives, get better jobs, but risk HUGE losses in aid if they do. We must stop penalizing those that want to improve their lives, but need a hand.

Financial Equality

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