My Campaign Statement

We face a critical time in our democracy.  Republicans are working their hardest to strip rights from anyone that’s not a white male.  There is a significant faction within the party that would rather move towards autocracy and facism, rather than face fair, free, and honest elections.

That said, I’m not saying the other side is perfect.  Democrats have historically let down the people who have voted for them most often.  Some democratic leaders are some of the worst offenders in self enrichment and gaming the system.  
This is why I am running, and this is why I am running the campaign I am.  I believe in democratic values… equality, fairness, building a world where ALL can succeed.  But I genuinely mean it.  I want to build housing that is actually affordable for the average Californian.  I want to make sure that health care is not just a luxury for those that can pay… but a right for all.  I want to assure that our people can live in healthy vibrant communities, where education is top notch and jobs are as varied as our workforce.  
We have a choice this November.  Lay down at the altar of those that wield a perverted version of Christianity as a cudgel and government as a means to oppress, or we fight back for the democratic values that so many have fought to protect over the last two and a half centuries.  
This November 8th, I ask you to take out the trash, and vote Brian Nash for California State Senate.

Brian Nash