The "Other Guy"

Business Friendly, Planning Failure

I am new to Murrieta.  I’m new to Southern California.  In some ways, I actually want to respect Kelly Seyarto.  I really do.  He’s served the community for a very long time, first as a firefighter, then as a local public servant.  He may have saved your life, or your home, and he certainly was a part of the team that helped build up Murrieta, which ultimately has helped SW Riverside County grow significantly over the last twenty years.

 It’s clear that while businesses were wooed to come here, infrastructure for the entire area was a total afterthought.  Roads are often jammed, and prior attempts to ease the traffic nightmare through eminent domain were laughable attempts to undercut property owners from receiving fair value.  

Quite frankly, given how up-in-arms Republicans get about personal freedoms and rights, I would have expected far greater blowback.  Whatever, there’s plenty of low level trash politicians out there…  What makes Kelly Seyarto a special brand of suck?  Let’s find out…

Seyarto Is a deadbeat

Ok, great, so we have been able to establish that Kelly Seyarto has demonstrated a lack of long term planning.  This isn’t the worst problem in the world, if he puts in the effort to do the day-to-day work that keeps us moving forward, right?

Kelly Seyarto has a nasty habit of disappearing when decisions get politically inconvenient.

Everyone misses votes from time to time.  It’s a part of life, and certainly part of a job that requires attention to be in several places at once.  However, there is a clear pattern that has emerged where Kelly Seyarto does not wish to get boxed in on issues that may divide his base.

Take a recent gas tax vote that he skipped out on.  This one is notable for two reasons:

  1. Seyarto supported the bill
  2. His most hardcore Republican allies wanted him to vote for it.

This is one of the first times I found that Republicans themselves seemed to turn on Seyarto.  He’s made lists of “RINOs that must be removed” and other such online drivel.  That said, Seyarto is vulnerable, if even his own supporters are starting to tire of his lack of work ethic. 

Remember that whole spiel about how I hate bullies?  If not, don’t worry, its in my bio.  Well, January 6th was essentially one big circle jerk to the biggest bully to ever grace the oval office.  It was exactly the type of moronic, sexist, racist, violent, petulant act that was perfectly befitting of Donald Trump and his cult of stupidity. It also led to the deaths of multiple officers… you know, the people that Republicans USED to defend.

January 6th was so bad that even the garbagest of the garbage Republicans were unable to defend the act in the immediate aftermath, and actually spoke against it.  For your review:

Each of these men condemned the attack.  So, in that ever-so-brief moment of solidarity, you might think Kelly Seyarto would look to condemn treasonous behavior, right?  He’s a former firefighter… he’d definitely come to the defense or democracy, right?  NAH!  Seyarto decided to skip the vote.

Now, you’re  likely asking yourself, “Now Brian, what if his dog died?”  Fair enough, I’d be a damned wreck if Petey died.   However there was another similar vote one year later.  HE SKIPPED THAT VOTE TOO!  It’s almost like he’s trying to have it both ways.  You can’t hold hands with QAnon and reasonable people!

I’m asking for your vote on November 8th, 2022.  While no politician is perfect, I can assure you of several basic facts:

I appreciate you reading through this.  Attacks aren’t generally fun, but they need to be said.  Kelly Seyarto has proven to be ineffective at long term planning, willing to scam citizens for political gains, and unable to condemn even the most blatant act of treachery the US has seen since the Civil War.

You deserve better, my friends.  I appreciate the opportunity to prove it!