Do you know where the power lies?

I say it starts and ends with you

"If we're the flagship of peace and prosperity, We're taking on water and about to f***in' sink" - Rise Against

  • Nearly 300 Mass Shootings in 2022
  • The overturn of Roe v Wade
  • Inflation, housing, and health care are bringing more families to the breaking point.

All the while, Kelly Seyarto chooses to be a pylon against progress.  Instead of offering solutions for some of our greatest shallenges, Seyarto has made a career of carefully toeing the party line, cosying up to megacorporations, and caring nothing for the plight of the local families.

We can do better.  We MUST do better.

folks haven't got a chance unless we organize.

Which side are you on?

Civil Rights & Democracy

Everything begins with free and fair elections...

Climate Change

Forest fires, rising sea levels, dramatic. shifts in weather patterns... what can we do?


Roads, bridges, all the stuff that no one cares about... until daily commutes take 2+ hours.


Building the workforce of the future through college, trade schools, and well funded, learner focused public schools.

Financial Equality

We all are running in the same race, but our obstacles are not the same. How do we increase opportunities for the disadvantaged?

Health Care

Single payer was recently defeated in State Legislature... where do we go from here?

If you're not one of them, you're us already so...

Come Join Us

Brian Nash


Nancy Nash

Wife, Manager, and all around badass

Brian's Spotify Playlist

These are all songs that I love, that have some sort of political lean to them. Whether they discuss inequality, racism, the environment, or radicalized Republicans… the message is clear. We can do better, and we MUST do better. 

Also, I want to say this to anyone that may take issue with the content, lyrics, or tone of these songs.  Be aware, most of the artists in this playlist have come from working class backgrounds, just like most of us.  While there may be no Village People or Frank Sinatra amongst these songs, these artists are our allies, in the fight for a fairer, kinder, better world.  

As Against Me! points out in White People For Peace, sometimes it takes a hell of a lot more than protest songs to solve our biggest challenge.  Its time to fight for democracy!  VOTE!

– Brian